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pantherella.jpgEstablished in 1937, Pantherella is a premium sock manufacturing company that is based in Leicestershire, England. Initially called Midlands Hosiery Mills, the company was founded by Louis Goldschmidt. Believing that uncomfortable and bulky men’s socks had to be transformed, Goldschmidt created innovative designs of lightweight and colorful socks with toe-linked seams that revolutionized the hosiery industry. Post-WW2, youth subcultures like teddy boys, mods, skinheads, scooterists, soul boys, rude boys, northern soul movers, and rockabillies adopted Pantherella socks.

During the ‘40s, Pantherella started exporting its products to America and Australia. Still going strong, Pantherella socks are currently available across the world through distributors and online platforms.

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