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kangol.jpgKangol was founded in the 1920s, by Jewish Polish war veteran Jacques Spreiregen, producing hats for workers, golfers, and soldiers. The name Kangol reflects the production of the hats, with the 'K' for knitting, the 'ANG' for angora, and the 'OL' for wool. The famous Kangaroo logo was adopted in 1983, when Americans kept referring to the hats as 'the Kangaroo hats', despite no association with Australia.

When LL Cool J wore a Kangol bucket hat in the '80s, the brands' popularity grew, with artists such as Run DMC, Notorious B.I.G., Slick Rick, Grandmaster Flash, and Missy Elliott donning the bucket hats and berets. In the '90s, this popularity grew further with Samuel L Jackson wearing the Furgora Spitfire, and Liam Gallagher wearing the Lahinch bucket hat.

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