About our brands: Hummel®

About our brands: Hummel®

Posted by Retro Star on 20th Jun 2022

Hummel is a Danish sportswear brand with a large presence in handball and football, sponsoring teams such as the Danish national team, Rangers F.C., and SC Freiburg. They are famous for their iconic chevron design, which features on most of their clothing and shoes, as well as the bumble bee logo.

The brand was established in 1923, originally in Hamburg, Germany (but is now Danish, after being taken over by Bernhard Weckenbrock in 1956, who also introduced the chevron design to the brand.)

During the '60s, the brand began to garner its first sponsorship deals, which gained the brand increasing popularity. They signed the Danish national football team in 1979 for the first time, and in 1988 signed a sponsorship deal with Real Madrid and the team's biggest star, Emilio Butragueño.

Hummel retains its stellar reputation within football, as well as handball (they became the official technical sponsor for the International Handball Federation in 2019), sponsoring some of the best and most well-known teams across Europe.

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